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25 years of experience specializing in customer retention through EZ Pay Solutions.


We contact loyal or new customers. We upgrade customers’ method of payment to EZ Pay recurring payment solutions and upgrade their subscription choices. Professional Agents contact people at a convenient time which can be scheduled to suit the customer.


Customers are converted to an EZ Pay Solution that saves them money & time.  A convenient method of payment has been proven to increase retention. Credit Card and checking account debits are automated so customers don’t have to remember to make a payment or mail a check.


Global provides customized statistical reports that deliver in depth analysis for your ongoing program. The frequency of these reports can also be tailored to your exact needs. Here at Global, we feel it is a must to closely measure what we achieve for you.


Global uses leading-edge technology for our call monitoring services that provide full audio recordings for training and quality assurance. Our results are delivered in real time by our dedicated team.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

“Global Call Centers provides a highly experienced, professional service cost effectively.”

Ottawa Sun

“Global Call Centers was recommended to me by the former circulation manager at our paper. I started working with Kimberly and Global Call Centers in November 2007. I have never had a customer complain about a call they received from Global Call Center. Our EZ-pay number has increased and I was able to exceed my goal in March of this year. We send them a file once a month; they send us the orders and an invoice. It’s easy! Working with Kimberly has been a pleasure and I would recommend Global to my colleagues.”

The Monterey County Herald

“We were impressed with the professionalism and speed of the Global Call Centers team to increase our circulation and quality of customer service through telemarketing. Global Call Centers is always a pleasure to work with, simply because they understand our needs, and our customers.”

Bradenton Herald

“Global Call Centers has been a wonderful addition to the Sales & Marketing efforts at the Bradenton Herald. Kimberly is great to work with, and her team’s efforts have helped us grow our EZ Pay percentage over 4% in less than 1 year. It is a widespread belief in the newspaper industry that EZ Pay helps increase subscriber retention, and we’ve seen proof of this in the past 7 months the Global Call Centers team has been calling for us. As our EZ Pay and auto-renew subscriber base has grown, the stops due to PBM suspension have decreased. The conversions we get from Global are definitely a large factor in this improvement, and we will continue to utilize Global Call Centers for EZ Pay conversions.”

Bradenton Herald

“I have been working with Global Call Centers for the past 3 months in an effort to increase our EZ-Pay subscription numbers. Initially, Global started converting our carrier collect subscribers to EZ-Pay. Global Call Centers was able to send us a voice authorization of each customer, thereby eliminating the mailing of voided checks. This eliminated a time consuming hassle for both the customer and our newspaper. Global is currently working on our PIA base of subscribers in an effort to convert them to EZ-Pay. Global has been very detail oriented and professional in the time that I have worked with them. Our EZ-Pay percentage of subscribers has risen each of the 3 months that we have been using Global Call Centers. To say that I am pleased with their work would be a vast understatement. Global Call Centers is SUPERB!”

Mansfield (OH) News Journal

“Global Call Centers has been working with our newspaper for over six months, calling customers to ask them if they would like to pay their bill by automatic renewal, billed to their credit card or checking account. We are very pleased with the results, in both number of customers converted and the professionalism exhibited by Global. Global Call Centers has diligently worked the lists we have sent them, and we have had no customers complain as a result of their calls. They work the lists quickly, and request new work frequently. It has been a pleasure working with a company that is so professional, and gets you results.”

Daily Breeze

“Think about it, you can actually increase the value of your readership by slowing churn and the cost of reselling newspaper orders. Todd and Kimberly at Global Call Centers have been most supportive of our goals to increase retention of the Telegraph Journal. Their professionalism and personal approach to our existing customers has proven most effective. In only five weeks, we have seen over 4% growth in our SmartCents program with no discounts that has been in existence for over 5 years. Do we think this is a great program? You bet!”

New Brunswick Publishing Company

“I have been dealing with Todd and Kimberly for more than 5 years. They have been helping us increase our Office Pay Subscribers to 82% on our home delivery Circulations. They have been very successful in converting subscribers to our pre-authorized monthly options without the use of discounts or other promotional offers. I have found that Todd and Kimberly are very professional to work with as well as pleasant and outgoing. They obviously only hire the same type of people to work for them as their success rate has proven this. I highly recommend Global Call Centers for any newspapers interested in increasing their Office Pay Circulation.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“In 1999 we entered into an agreement with Global Call Centers to test their services on converting a portion of our carrier-collect subscriber list to an auto-debit payment system. Our day to day dealings with Todd and Kimberly were smooth and hassle free and we found that Global represented our newspaper to our customers in a friendly, professional manner without a hint of any negative feedback. And, they produce. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Global Call Centers to any newspaper in need of their skills.”

The Calgary Sun

“Working with Global Call Centers has been a real pleasure. They have been very quick to respond to our outbound campaign needs and have consistently delivered excellent sales results. I would definitely recommend Global to other companies interested in achieving sales through telemarketing.”

Videon Cable Systems Inc.

“I have had the pleasure of dealing with Todd and Kimberly Smukowich of Global Call Centers for some time now. Their organization has been very effective in helping the Toronto Sun convert subscribers from short term “cash” payment plans to longer term “pay direct” payment plans. I find their operation to be effective, efficient, and consistent in results and quality. In addition, their personable and hands-on approach is a welcome change from the detached and seemingly disinterested style of many organizations. This is a quality organization owned and operated by top-notch people. I recommend them highly.”

Toronto Sun Marketing Department

“Just a note to let you know how pleased we are with the work that Global Call Centers has been doing for us. Over the last three years we have consistently increased our PIA base and are currently at a very respectable level of office pay subscriptions. The feedback we have received about your callers has been very positive and professional and the twice per year solicitation seems to work well for us. You are one of the most enthusiastic, energetic folks I have met in the industry and I am sure those traits serve you well. I wish you continued success, and keep those calls going for Brantford.”

The Expositor

“Thank you for all of your hard work. Both your and Kimberly’s attention to detail and true professionalism was very much appreciated by both myself and the National Post at large.”

National Post

“As Telemarketing Sales Manager I am responsible for recruiting competant,productive and dedicated Home Based and Winnipeg Free Press Telemarketers. Todd Smukowich was recruited by me, and was selected over seven other applicants to perform the Home Based telemarketing efforts for the Winnipeg Free Press. Todd is directly responsible for our Stop Saver program and our City Route conversion program. Todd’s work has been exceptionally accurate,concise and timely regardless of the program being conducted. Todd’s “drop off rate” is less then 1% and I have not had a single fraudulent order submitted by Todd or his people in over 7000 orders submitted. I would strongly recommend that Todd’s services as a Home Based Telemarketer be kept in tact at the Free Press. In fact I would suggest we expand his services to include bad debt accounts (Circulation).”

Wnnipeg Free Press